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UKAN 29: Uchenna Kanu unveils the logo for her personal brand

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Super Falcons and Mexican Women’s League Champion, Uchenna Kanu unveils the logo for her personal brand UKAN 29. The logo was first shown to her fans through her social media platforms on the 1st of February 2023.

At a time when athletes are fond of owning their own brands, Uchenna Kanu has made up her mind to embrace her fan base and followership, and channel the numbers into something positive just like the big stars in sports always do.

Her brand UKAN 29, could be perceived as just her initials the “U” from Uchenna and the “KAN” from Kanu. The number 29 is her jersey number but significant to her as this was the day her precious father passed away.

According to her caption on social media, her brand will span from “Total Well Being, Human Capacity Development to Lifestyle and Innovation” this is not the norm for athletes as most times when athletes launch brands it is for a clothing line. She follows it up with the slogan “U KAN” meaning “YOU CAN”.

We will now wait for her to show us the first products that will come from her brand which we will use to judge if it is just the regular athlete style or something totally different.

Uchenna Kanu has recently been called up to represent Nigeria in the Revelation Cup taking place in her resident country in February which includes hosts Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Nigeria to prepare the super falcons for the FIFA Women’s World Cup in June.

We wish Uchenna Kanu all the best in her shot football career and hope this brand will lead to something she would never keep quiet about.

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