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  • Osilade Olamide

How Uchenna Kanu Foundation is Using Sports to Foster Peace in South East

In a vibrant display of unity and commitment to peace, the Uchenna Kanu Foundation recently joined hands with the Peace In South East Project for a remarkable event in Umuahia, Abia State.

On the 4th of May 2024, foundation members actively participated in the Road Walk Festival organized by Xtreme Gym and De Latinos Concepts, under the visionary leadership of the Deputy Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Rt. Honorable Benjamin Okezie Kalu.

RT. Honorable Benjanmin Kalu walking the streets of Umuahia.
RT. Honorable Benjanmin Kalu walking the streets of Umuahia.

The Peace In South East Project stands as a beacon of hope, a non-kinetic endeavor aimed at combatting insecurity and fostering harmony in the region through the powerful medium of sports and youth empowerment. Recognizing the vital role sports play in promoting unity and understanding among communities, the Uchenna Kanu Foundation wholeheartedly embraces this noble initiative.

In a statement of solidarity and support, the foundation expressed deep gratitude to Rt. Honorable Benjamin Okezie Kalu for spearheading the Peace In South East Project and pledged to collaborate closely in the area of sports development. By leveraging the transformative power of sports, both organizations are committed to nurturing a culture of peace and resilience within the South East region.

The Peace in South East Project Flag
The Peace in South East Project Flag

The Road Walk Festival, a vibrant celebration of fitness, unity, and peace, brought together esteemed dignitaries including Rt. Honorable Benjamin Okezie Kalu, Federal House member Honorable Ginger Onwusibe, and Chief Ikenna Ariwodo, SA. on States Affairs to the Deputy Speaker, alongside enthusiastic participants and supporters of sports and fitness from Umuahia and beyond.

As part of its contribution to the event, the Uchenna Kanu Foundation generously donated 20 packs of water and 10 packs of energy drinks, ensuring that participants remained hydrated and energized throughout the festivities. This gesture underscored the foundation's unwavering commitment to supporting initiatives that promote peace and well-being within communities.

Reflecting on the event, the Uchenna Kanu Foundation expressed pride and gratitude for the opportunity to play a meaningful role in advancing the cause of peace through sports. By harnessing the collective strength of like-minded organizations and individuals, the foundation remains steadfast in its mission to foster unity, resilience, and prosperity across the South East region and beyond.

As the echoes of the Road Walk Festival continue to reverberate, the partnership between the Uchenna Kanu Foundation and the Peace In South East Project stands as a shining example of the transformative power of sports in building bridges, breaking down barriers, and paving the way towards a brighter, more peaceful future for all.


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